What We Do

Bussard Law is a trial litigation firm.  

We are very selective in the cases we bring.  As a result we more intensely prepare them with an eye for trial (as opposed to quick-settlement law firms).  Consequently, we routinely turn down cases. The result - fewer cases that settle for higher value and larger verdicts.  That's our model and it has served our clients well.  

We are a serious hard-working law firm, handling serious injuries for hard-working people.  

Clients are what matter most at Bussard Law and we don't sacrifice service or open communication to facilitate large low-value case dockets and high television advertising costs (marketing lawyers).  We appreciate and are sensitive to the fact that most clients turn to litigation as a last resort, or out of necessity.  

 We level the playing field.

Everyday and working people usually find themselves on the short-end of the stick--especially when they are injured.  Insurance conglomerates and some companies rely on the fact that an injured person (or worker) is, most of the time, a desperate person (or worker) willing to sign anything presented to them if it means keeping their job or supporting their family.  Because of this disparity in power, all insurance companies and some (but not all) companies take advantage of those suffering an injury due to company negligence and fail to take responsibility. They have little interest in what occurs on the familial level.  It's all bottom line for these bad actors and they don't fight fair. They don't want a level playing field and do not want you to have an attorney.  Fortunately, these powerful corporate interests have failed in their attempts to lobby the Texas legislature to take away the peoples' right to be represented on a contingency fee -- (percentage of success) basis where those wronged otherwise could not afford a lawyer on an hourly basis.  Bussard Law attorneys guarantee we will only represent injured or aggrieved clients on this basis and will never "bill" you.

You only pay if we win.

Personal injury attorneys offer their services on what is called a "contingency fee" basis. That means we pay for all the upfront costs of your case;  This includes hiring specialists & experts, paying court fees, and even covering medical care. You owe us nothing, and we only take a fee if you win your case.   

Wide-ranging wrongful death & injury cases.

As most cases are negligence based, we practice in and have obtained results in a wide range of cases -- from automobile and trucking accidents, to our most recent human trafficking litigation pioneered by Bussard Law against unscrupulous hotels on behalf of human trafficking victims, as well as many other types of injuries.  Whatever the nature of your injury, we have the experience and resources to demand compensation on your behalf.


Automobile & Trucking Accidents

Thousands of vehicle accidents occur every year in Texas, leaving hundreds of people injured or traumatized.  We've achieved many sizable verdicts and settlements on behalf of clients and families .  From the outset, victims are forced to litigate these claims.

Human Trafficking Litigation for Victims

Pioneering a new cause of action in Texas to benefit victims of the sex trade, we are the first in the country to aggressively pursue this area litigation ever since filing the first lawsuit.  Learn more about our suites against hotels and other defendants that "turned the blind eye."

Other Injuries & Wrongful Death

Whether it's by sea, air, or land, most injury & wrongful death cases are based upon the negligence or wrongful conduct of the defendant or insurer.  Bussard Law can navigate you through a wide-range of complex cases and injuries.


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