Since 2017, we have led the effort to permanently end sex slavery in hotels through civil suits on behalf of victims and family in Texas and the United States.  


Bussard law and its attorneys, staff and experts help victims recover against those motels and businesses that benefited or indirectly benefited from victims of sex trafficking.  As the first to file suit under Texas state law, Chapter 98. Liability for Trafficking of Persons, we agree with the following underlying goals and policies expressed by the Texas Legislature as Bussard Law's mission...



[Bill] would allow the transfer of the captor’s wealth to the victims.  It was the suffering of the victims that generated their wealth.  Therefore, the victims should be allowed to recover damages to enable them to get the help and services they need to rebuild their lives.
— H.B. 533
...In addition, the bill would serve as a deterrent because individuals who are indirectly involved in human trafficking would be liable as well.
— H.B. 533


Anyone that is committed to helping victims understands the complications and inter-agency dependencies we rely on in bringing those that benefit from trafficking to justice.  It cannot be accomplished by any one law firm and requires a village of collaboration and well orchestrated efforts from many victim advocates, law enforcement, volunteers, human trafficking experts, health care providers, religious and community leaders, government attorneys, etc. Bussard Law is committed to streamlining and advancing those relationships to help civil attorneys pursue justice.  Bussard law frequently spearheads and collaborates with other firms to coordinate the advancement of shared expertise. 

While there are various donations and funds set up to assist victims financially, it is readily apparent this alone is not enough. Criminal restitution from insolvent primary traffickers in criminal courts is likewise largely inadequate as primary traffickers are not worthwhile civil defendants.  Civil private attorneys are the only sector of society that can represent victims personally - and meaningfully compensate victims financially - for their personal injuries suffered as a result of having been trafficked.   As such, we at Bussard Law deem our role in society an important one.  We also believe our contributions to ending sex slavery in Texas and the United States is vital.  Everyone in this fight has a role, and this is ours.  It takes a village.

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.
— Henry Ford