Serious Injuries & Wrongful Death

Tragedy and life-changing injury can strike at any moment and in any manner.  There are few instances where no one is at fault.  With the exception of extreme unforeseen forces and events ("acts of god") someone most always bears responsibility for an accident or catastrophic event.  When faced with responsibility, many companies, insurers, and individuals (bad actors) duck their responsibilities and set in motion the litigation process.  This is when you are forced to join the process and initiate a lawsuit.  

We are cognizant that most if not all clients would rather do anything but participate in a lawsuit (despite being justifiably outraged by the Defendants' conduct) and this process can take some time.  You need trial lawyers that can ease your concerns during this difficult time and walk you down this process.  Bussard Law does not take this relationship lightly and has a successfully amassed a record of large verdicts and settlements.  We have handled countless varieties of negligence and contract cases, and while we cannot list them all, below are a few examples of the types of cases we commonly encounter.

Bussard Law Firm Boating Accident Lawyers Austin & Central Texas

Boating Accidents

Austin Texas Construction Injury Lawyer_Bussard Law Firm

Construction Accidents

Oilfield Accident Injury Attorney_Bussard Law Firm

Oilfield & Rig Injuries


Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Business vs Business Contingency Fee Lawyer Austin Texas_Bussard Law

business vs Business disputes

Industrial & Refinery Accident Lawyers in Texas_ Bussard Law Firm

industrial & Refinery accidents

Offshore Injury Lawyers in Texas _ Bussard Law

Offshore Injuries& Maritime Contract Disputes

Bussard Law has a successfully litigated Jones Act, negligence & contract claims on behalf of injured offshore workers.   Occasionally, we represent maritime companies wronged by other maritime companies in breach of contract disputes - often on a contingency fee.